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Venture Outside with RND2

Outdoor adventure is more than just a step into the unknown. For many people, it becomes a lifestyle.

The planet we call home is filled with beauty and potential, whether you’re setting off to explore snowy mountain peaks or making your way towards an emerald coastline. As you take time out to appreciate the great outdoors, it becomes clear that nature recycles and renews itself time and again. Planet Earth is the ultimate place where endings become the beginning of something new and spectacular.

At RND2, we believe that your outdoor adventure apparel should function in the same way. You can look great in upcycled clothing and be prepared to get into nature, all while being a part of a revival process that gives back to the planet we love to explore. Our clothing store puts our promises into practice.

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At RND2, we're a team of passionate, creative, and environmentally enthusiastic professionals who are looking to approach the world of textiles from a different and more effective angle. Collectively, we've made it our focus to fight the detrimental wasteful side of fast fashion by upcycling well-loved pieces of apparel and transforming them into quality outdoor clothing that adventurers can benefit from once more!


Our team is composed of artists, outdoor explorers, and environmentally conscious individuals who are looking to leave this world a bit better than we found it. Our staff works hard to support the creation of a circular clothing economy by providing consumers with upcycled and revived garments to choose from.


When sustainable fashion and outdoor exploration collide, we all benefit equally. At RND2, we fully support sustainability and actively work to reduce our carbon footprint with a focus on upcycled apparel designed to meet the needs of outdoor explorers in a fashionable way.


Giving new life to previously loved apparel is our specialty at RND2. Many customers come to our clothing store to seek out our Revived collection. This intriguing and sustainable line offers revived outdoor apparel that’s been cleaned and sanitized with an environmentally-friendly liquid CO2 cleaning process. The result? Amazing and sustainable apparel that looks, feels, and smells like new.


In addition to our Revived collection, RND2 hosts an unparalleled Upcycled collection that consists of 100% unique clothing. In this collection, finalized apparel comes straight from the imagination of our design team to the showroom floor.


Using only the best parts of garments that can no longer be sold through typical channels, our design team crafts eye-catching, sustainable, and useful garments. Items we feature are not only beautiful, but are also completely one-of-a-kind

Our commitment to keeping textiles out of landfills inspires us to create apparel and revive recycled clothing that would otherwise be overlooked. We even extend our creativity to premium brands like Patagonia.


Partnering with brands like Patagonia allows our creative team to take used, quality products and create exciting pieces like upcycled jackets. We can even create specialty apparel, including pants and hats using recycled material that lends itself to becoming one-of-a-kind pieces at the hands of our designers.


From top to bottom, RND2 is a second-chance clothing store that supports circularity by keeping outdoor gear in use and out of landfills. We believe that functional solutions are never impossible and that great design can be born from a collection of unexpected and readily available resources pulled together in a sustainable way.