About Us

At RND2, we're fighting against fast fashion, keeping garments in use longer and doing our part to move the textile industry from a linear to a circular model.
We envision a future where people resell, rent, or repair their clothing instead of sending it to the landfill. A future where rental and recommerce become the norm, and our consumption of new resources becomes a thing of the past.
Revived and Ready for an Extended Life
All of the garments that enter our facility undergo a detailed quality inspection, ensuring you receive a like-new piece. Each item is repaired, cleaned, and sanitized by our partner Tersus Solutions, utilizing a waterless liquid CO2 cleaning process. 98% of the CO2 is reclaimed in this process, resulting in a much lower environmental impact than home laundering. Additionally, the closed-loop system captures microfibers, keeping them from entering our waterways.
100% Unique, Hand-Crafted Apparel
Our upcycled apparel collection consists of 100% unique apparel made from garments that can't be resold via typical channels. Each item is one of a kind, creatively crafted by our upcycle design team. Every upcycled item in our shop is backed by a one year warranty on RND2 manufacturing defects.