At RND2, we always aim to do things differently. When it comes to the world of fashion and textiles, we see a more sustainable path to renewal than the one most trod. We also know there’s a long list of alternatives available that keep garments out of landfills and promote circular fashion instead.

Our team puts creativity and passion into our work every day and gives well-loved garments a second chance to shine. Our men’s upcycled clothing collection fits seamlessly into our strategy and mission!


On a Mission to Promote Circular Fashion Through Men’s Upcycled Clothing

Fighting the detrimental effects of fast fashion takes commitment and passion. Fortunately, we have plenty of both at RND2!

We put our resources and innovative strategies into motion daily to craft men’s upcycled apparel that’s not only eye-catching but offers quality and sustainable outdoor men’s clothing options. Our men’s upcycled clothing store is where consumers can access unique pieces like men’s upcycled jackets and vests designed with an important purpose.

For the team at RND2, creating quality men’s upcycled apparel is further proof that we can reduce the carbon footprint traditionally associated with fashion. It happens when we simply focus on recycling used clothing to craft something new and promote circular shopping instead.

Our process for turning men’s recycled apparel into one-of-a-kind upcycled garments begins with cleaning and sanitizing the material. At RND2, we implement an environmentally friendly liquid CO2 cleaning process powered by Tersus Solutions. This unique and sustainable cleaning approach reduces water waste and keeps microplastic fibers out of vital water sources.

CO2 cleaning revitalizes the men’s recycled clothing to like-new condition, maintaining the integrity of the original fabric and extending its useful life. We’re able to achieve this standard no matter how previously loved a garment may have been.

At RND2, finding new and sustainable methods within the world of fashion drives us forward. To that end, our men’s upcycled clothing store proudly hosts 100% unique men’s upcycled clothing designed at the hands of our creative in-house team!

Consumers who are on the hunt for a men’s recycled clothing store that elevates quality and aesthetics will find everything they’re looking for with us. The upcycled and revived clothing we carry isn’t found in typical sales channels, but the brands we partner with are sure to be recognizable.

Our like-new pieces—whether crafted from men’s recycled jackets, pants, vests, shorts, or shirts—are designed from top brands that dominate the outdoor exploration industry. At RND2, we partner with quality brands like Patagonia to turn well-used products into something entirely new.

While the brand-name materials we work with ensure a superior quality standard for consumers, every upcycled piece sold at our men’s recycled clothing store is a unique product developed by the RND2 design team. Individual designers put their heart and soul into creating men’s upcycled jackets, pants, shirts, and more that support circular fashion and keep great gear out of landfills and in use for longer.

An Online Men’s Upcycled Clothing Store That Promotes Change

At RND2, every piece within our men’s upcycled clothing store has multiple stories to tell. Because so much effort and attention go into designing our upcycled menswear, consumers will find that each tag is signed by the designer who inspired the results. In many ways, shopping RND2’s upcycled men’s clothing collection not only promotes sustainable fashion but is an investment in wearable art. Here, no two pieces are ever the same, so we’re able to offer an ever-rotating lineup of options.

Men’s Upcycled Apparel Available in Our Online Store

Versatility is a foundation on which we stand at RND2. Within our men’s upcycled clothing store, customers will find a unique collection of clothing that comes in various styles, sizes, colors, and one-of-a-kind designs.

Our online store makes it simple to browse the many options by categories like brand, size, color, style, or budget. Of course, those excited to take it all in will find that time searching through our men’s upcycled clothing collection can be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace, too!

Apparel Options

Every adventure in the great outdoors is unique. There’s no telling what might happen when you set out on a journey of this type. That’s why it’s important to have clothing made to match the thrill.

At RND2, our men’s upcycled clothing store carries a wide range of apparel options so customers can mix and match items they need when adventure calls. Our unique upcycled apparel comes in just as many styles, colors, and brands, ensuring there’s no shortage of options for those with a passion for pursuing time in the great outdoors.


Our collection of upcycled men’s jackets is suitable for any weather or adventure—from full-zip sweaters to cozy fleece pullovers. We carry nano puff pullovers and hoodies as well as hybrid designs that pair down with Snap-T fleece. Hardshell jackets, liners, and parkas are also part of our ever-rotating lineup of apparel options.


Upcycling pants for outdoor exploration and everyday application gives great materials a second chance at life. Those shopping our upcycled men’s pants collection will find everything from hemp canvas cargos and straight-fit duck pants to traveler pants and high-performance jeans designed to last.


No matter where you roam, layering is key to a fantastic adventure. At RND2, our collection of upcycled men’s shirts has the variety of styles, colors, and materials outdoor explorers are looking for. We carry everything from short-sleeved island hopper shirts and polos to long-sleeve sun stretch shirts and layering basics. If you happen to be looking for zip shirts or flannels, we have those, too!


The right pair of shorts can take you far when it’s time to travel and explore. Fortunately, RND2 has a wide variety to choose from. Customers looking for sustainably crafted pieces will enjoy browsing our collection of rock craft shorts, stand-up shorts, and canvas varieties when they drop by online.


The weather can be unpredictable, but it’s easy to keep pace with those fluctuations when you’re wearing the right vest. Our collection of men’s upcycled apparel includes a plethora of quality vests ranging from pullovers and nano puff to fleece, down, and hybrid material varieties.

A Warranty You Can Count On

The RND2 team takes immense pride in transforming well-used, quality products into revived and upcycled garments that are like-new for our customers. Our passion for creating a sustainable circular shopping economy is evident in every stitch.

Our designers are confident in their work, and we want our customers to feel the same. That’s why we happily provide a one-year warranty on all of our men’s upcycled clothing. This warranty applies to all RND2 manufacturing defects, giving our customers the peace of mind they truly deserve.

Purchasing Upcycled Men’s Clothing Instead of Buying New

When you decide to purchase men’s upcycled clothing through RND2, you invest in more than just great apparel—you invest in a meaningful purpose. Our upcycling process not only reduces excessive waste that’s typically created when producing new clothing but also reduces carbon footprint, water usage, and harmful chemical pollutants. Every item purchased through RND2 is one less garment that ends up in a landfill, harming the environment we all count on to thrive.

Purchasing upcycled clothing is a delightful way to support local and small businesses while actively participating in a more sustainable and circular textile economy. It’s a way to celebrate artisanal work and quality craftsmanship that turns mass production into unique designs!

Overall, transitioning from buying new to buying upcycled garments is a step towards changing how the textile industry functions. Every upcycled item purchased supports sustainable practices and encourages less wasteful behavior.

Our Upcycling Process For Apparel

At RND2, we see potential in every discarded garment. Our upcycling process is focused on taking used apparel and textiles and turning them into renewed products that consumers love again!

We prioritize a zero-waste system that works to recover the total value of what has already been created. That approach not only serves our customers but our brand partners and the planet, too.

Our team has developed an upcycling process designed to bridge production gaps and seamlessly connect textile systems, rendering the current linear manufacturing practice circular and sustainable.

Every garment that comes our way goes through a rigorous cleaning process after a thorough quality inspection. Garments are cleaned and sanitized by Tersus Solutions using an eco-friendly recycled liquid CO2 cleaning process that reclaims CO2 and keeps microfibers out of water systems.

Once apparel is fully sanitized, our creative team gets to work. Designers begin transforming quality materials into entirely new garments and ready for a second chance out in the world.

Contact Us

When you’re looking to learn more about our innovative upcycling process and how our passionate team promotes circular shopping, be sure to reach out. Contact us directly on ourwebsite or keep up with our evolving designs and apparel options by following us onInstagram,Facebook,Twitter, orYouTube. We can’t wait to connect with you and partner in sustainable clothing practices!