Upcycled apparel

Upcycled Apparel from RND2

Far too often, the fashion world sacrifices sustainability in the name of creativity. At RND2, we believe fashion and sustainable practices can go hand-in-hand! Our upcycled apparel store is redefining eco-friendly fashion and working hard to make sustainability an exciting standard in the industry. 

At RND2, we view upcycled clothing as a powerful resource in the fight against fast fashion.

By transforming upcycled apparel into unique and quality outdoor clothing, we not only create beautiful and durable pieces for adventurers to enjoy, but we also reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. Our mission is to give new life to previously loved apparel through innovative processes that protect the planet.

Before our design team gets to work on creating something new from existing fabrics and apparel that have already been well loved, garments go through a rigorous cleaning and sanitization process. RND2 partners with the professionals at Tersus Solutions to return clothing to like-new condition using a CO2-based cleaning process that is both waterless and environmentally friendly.

The RND2 upcycled clothing store is anything but typical. Our customers can expect access to completely unique apparel that’s handcrafted using the very best parts of previously loved garments. There’s a satisfaction in knowing that you’re purchasing upcycled apparel that would otherwise go to waste when it doesn’t qualify for sale through typical fast-fashion channels.

People who shop our upcycled apparel collection can expect to find quality pieces originally from Patagonia. Our team of designers takes the best parts of previously worn pants, vests, and jackets and redesigns them into completely unique upcycled products!

While our customers often love the idea that every piece of upcycled apparel they purchase is the work of a creative designer, upcycled clothing also supports a circular economy by keeping clothing out of landfills. At RND2, the priority of our upcycled clothing store rests firmly in providing customers with access to great designs that are functional, sustainable, and created using readily available resources.

Upcycled Clothing and Its Role in Fashion

The fashion industry revolves around the concept of creative potential. Fashion pushes the limits of what’s expected and provides a channel of expression through design.

The RND2 team finds that upcycled clothing fits these parameters perfectly, but takes things a step further through sustainable practices. From upcycled jackets and pants to vests, bags, and beyond, upcycling processes well-loved garments and materials into pieces that are even more exciting than the original.

In many ways, upcycling gives apparel a second chance at life. This process has the power to take a garment that is no longer being used, and refurbish it into a new, functional, and inspiring design. In this way, the finished product is not only practical and sustainable, but it’s also extremely valuable.

Upcycled Jackets and Apparel Available Through Our Online Clothing Store

At RND2, we believe that upcycled apparel is for everyone. Whether you’re on the hunt for upcycled jackets or can’t wait to browse one-of-a-kind pants and vests, our online store caters to fashionable preferences of all types. We’re more than just an upcycled jacket store. We’re proud to carry a wide variety of men’s and women’s apparel options in a myriad of colors, sizes, designs, and styles.

The upcycled and revived clothing that you’ll browse in our store is completely unique. We guarantee that no two pieces you come across will ever be the same and our continuously rotating stock makes for an exciting shopping experience with every visit!

Our design team is passionate about the work that they do, and you’ll be thrilled to find that the apparel you purchase not only looks great, but it also comes with a multitude of stories to tell. The RND2 team is dedicated to taking previously loved clothing and creating something that promises to be loved once again.

Many of our unique designs, including upcycled jackets, are crafted using recycled Patagonia apparel. The quality materials we source from previously loved designs allow us to back everything in our clothing shop with a one-year warranty on any RND2 manufacturing defects.

The design team at RND2 is wonderfully creative and entirely dedicated to their craft. People who purchase apparel through our store will enjoy the inclusion of tags that are signed by the designer who brought the upcycled vision to life, making a clothing purchase even more personal.

Basking in the Benefits of Upcycled Apparel

Upcycled apparel looks great, but knowing that you’ve purchased wearable art that’s one-of-a-kind and helpful to the planet feels great, too. Incorporating upcycled apparel into a wardrobe has the power to significantly reduce wasted resources within the fashion industry.

The upcycling process prioritizes a reduced carbon footprint. It also focuses on reducing the use of chemical pollutants and water waste through rigorous cleaning and production standards.

The RND2 team is excited to be a part of the effort to keep unwanted clothing out of landfills and reduce manufacturing costs in the meantime. Ultimately, this process encourages consumers to change their mindset when it comes to purchasing apparel.

It’s entirely possible to buy upcycled items that not only support a circular economy, but also reduce wasteful behavior. Support quality craftsmanship and move away from more detrimental mass-production standards by adding upcycled garments to your closet.

The Comprehensive Upcycling Process at RND2

Renewable design is our specialty at RND2. We see the potential in every piece of discarded apparel that comes our way.

We’ve designed our upcycled jacket collection and apparel options to go beyond anything traditional. Instead, we focus on creating a zero-waste system in which fashion is interwoven with sustainable practices. Together, the combination leads to customer satisfaction.

There have long been noticeable gaps in the production processes that dominate the fashion industry. At RND2, we’ve found a route to bridging those gaps seamlessly in a way that’s good for the planet and just as good for creativity.
The process begins with a thorough inspection and cleaning. RND2 and Tersus Solutions have paired up to make sure that this process is as eco-friendly as our design standards.

Every garment that arrives at our facility is meticulously looked over. Repairs are diligently attended to and every garment is cleaned using a waterless process.

The team at Tersus Solutions has perfected the art of cleaning and sanitizing fabrics using a CO2 cleaning process that boasts a minimal environmental impact. This is achieved through the use of reclaimed CO2 that is run through a closed-loop system that keeps microfibers out of waterways.

Once materials are inspected, cleaned, and repaired, the upcycling process can officially begin. RND2 artists and designers get to work turning previously loved apparel into eye-catching new designs! Through this part of the upcycling process, colors and textures are woven together and enhanced to create entirely unique looks.

Each lovingly crafted upcycled item is then made available for purchase through our store. We provide apparel that’s suitable for the entire family, making RND2 a one-stop shop for sustainable, fashionable products and apparel.

Purchasing Apparel from RND2 Makes an Impact

Many people turn to fast fashion when they’re on the hunt for unique clothing and designs that will stand out in a crowd. Unfortunately, this route also proves detrimental to the environment over time.

Being a conscientious consumer is easier than ever when you turn to RND2 for your clothing needs. Expanding your wardrobe with unique, upcycled clothing designs will help you to not only look great, but also hold the incredible knowledge that your purchase has helped to protect the planet.

Our like-new apparel selections support the goal of creating a circular economy within the world of fashion and fight the effect of fast fashion through sustainable practices that matter. There’s no need to sacrifice anything in the way of style when you’re looking to be sustainable. RND2 helps the environment, reduces carbon footprints, and provides customers with the looks they love.

Customers who shop with us can count on quick turnaround times on their orders, making the process of getting the apparel from our store and into your closet easier than ever. The choice is easy when it comes to RND2!