It's a Fact: Fast Fashion is Killing the Planet.

We know that you know...

Businesses produce, consumers consume. In the age of instant gratification we've driven ourselves into a vicious linear cycle of production, consumption, and disposal to a critical level. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis we find ourselves in.


You've likely heard the terms sustainability, circular fashion, upcycling... is this all just a fad? We don't think so. To be completely honest, we can't afford it to be. In fact, we're built on the foundation that this is a new way of life for the textile industry as a whole (and hopefully other industries as well).

But did you know...

Historically, the fashion industry had 2 production cycles per year - spring/summer and fall/winter. Now the fast fashion phenomenon has transitioned to as many as 50-100 microseasons! Annually, 25 billion pounds of textiles are made in the US alone, yet we're keeping each garment we purchase half as long. That means 18 billion pounds of clothing is thrown away annually, equalling 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles per US citizen each year. If we continue on our current path, the fashion industry's environmental impact could be catastrophic.


But what can be done? Many companies are working to improve their footprint by establishing rental or resale programs, committing to using fewer resources, and making a pledge to increase clothing recycling. These changes all make an impact, but more must be done. The production of new must significantly decrease. 

Ready for Some Good News? It's Not Too Late to Make a Real Difference.

When you purchase #justone RND2 garment instead of new, the manufacturing of a new garment is avoided, resulting in significant environmental impact savings. You'll find this data on every product page so you can see the real impact that can be made by saving just one item.


From the Beginning

RND2 is built on the foundation of sustainability. Everything on our site has been taken out of circulation for one reason or another, we do not create anything from new materials. We revive these items, divert them from the landfill, and give them a new life. Whether simply a return, an item that needs a small repair, or a complete overhaul we take every usable piece and prepare it for resale, and anything that cannot be used is recycled. RND2 is committed to being a zero waste facility.

Launched in January 2021, RND2 is working towards a remarkable first year

avoidance impact savings thanks to the support of our loyal customers!

Saving CO2

Saving Energy

Saving Water

Talk is Cheap

Setting goals is one thing, but only when we act on them will we start moving in the right direction. We're not saving the planet with one upcycled jacket, but you've now seen that saving #justone jacket really does make a meaningful environmental impact. As we continue to grow and support the recommerce market, extending the life of existing garments and reducing the consumption of new will save the earth's resources for future generations.


How do you act? Consumer demand changes the trajectory of the market. As we demand new, disposable fashion, the apparel brands act to meet that need. As consumers we have the power to reverse the linear production cycle and force the brands into circularity. Supporting recommerce here at RND2 or on your favorite brand's recommerce site is a great start, and keeping your owned apparel in action makes a huge difference as well. Whether through repair, cleaning, or trading in items you no longer use, every little thing adds up. And you can do all of that right here on RND2!